Patients at the centre

People don’t come here to die… they come here to live to their fullest until they die. We are passionate about making every day count and go out of our way to make the ordinary, extraordinary for each patient and their family.


With patients at the centre of our interprofessional team approach, we are able to support their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs. This approach also encompasses supporting families and loved ones through their journeys and beyond.



As each individual is unique, we develop a personalized care plan that is responsive to our patients’/families’ priorities and adjust is continuously.


All care services provided by the Residence are without charge to patients and families.

Highly-specialized experts

Our approach allows the natural process of death to occur in its own time and seeks to make this period as comfortable as possible for both our patients and their loved ones. Our priority is to relieve suffering, address expectations and heighten the quality of life. Our daily actions translate into hope, warmth and serenity for our patients and their families.


We are grateful to be able to count on a clinical care team composed of highly-specialized experts in pain and symptom management at the end of life. Our physicians, nurses and patient care attendants, with their remarkable knowledge and compassion, care for our terminally ill patients focusing on what matters most to them in their last days.


We make sure our existing and new clinical care team members master the competencies that are critical to providing care, such as principles of palliative care, communication, optimizing comfort and quality of life, care planning and collaborative practice, last days and hours, loss and bereavement, professional and ethical practice, self-care.

Patient care in numbers

Leaving this world with celebration and love

At the Residence, we make a point to focus on life. We recognize the importance of a patient’s time with their loved ones and celebrate the little things and special moments that create memories in this final chapter. Over the years, we had the honor and pleasure to help families celebrate numerous joyous events and rituals with their love ones.


See Supportive Care and Bereavement for a description of the complementary, non-clinical services offered to patients and familiies.

The right balance between specialized care and human touch

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