It is a privilege for us to
care for your loved one

Learn about our admissions process

It would be an honour for us to welcome your loved one to the Residence and to provide the extraordinary care they deserve.

Since we are not a long-term care facility, we must screen patients to admit those best suited for the care we provide, that is, patients in the terminal phase of their illness and who require their symptoms to be managed by an interdisciplinary team of palliative experts.

The criteria

In addition to having a life-limiting illness, patients must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission to the Residence:

  • A medically-supported estimated life expectancy of less than three (3) months;
  • Not undergoing any current life-sustaining or prolonging forms of treatment;
  • An adult patient, regardless of age or type of terminal illness;
  • Residing in the territory or having been treated by one of the healthcare facilities of the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal (healthcare network) or with family and loved ones in the territory;
    • Special consideration will be given to admitting patients whose primary caregiver resides in the CIUSSS territory.
    • Depending on their family and health situation, patients who live outside the CIUSSS territory may be admissible to the Residence.

A worry-free admissions process

Our admission process is designed to transfer the burden away from the patients and their families and into the hands of the patient’s healthcare team. Letting someone know you are considering admission to the Residence is your only responsibility.


The patient, family member, or primary caregiver makes a verbal request to the patient’s treating healthcare team (this is usually a nurse, social worker, or physician).


The patient’s healthcare team:


Completes the Request for Admission form and ensures the patient’s treating physician signs it.


Discuss with the patient (and family or surrogate decision-maker) the Conditions for Admission form, ensuring the patient (or his legal representative) understands, agrees, and signs the form.


Sends the completed forms and the necessary medical documentation to the Residence’s Admission Assessment Team for review.

The documents may be emailed to or scanned and faxed to (514) 693-0374


The Residence’s Admission Assessment Team reviews applications within 48 hours of reception and provides the patient’s healthcare team with a response shortly thereafter. Once a patient is accepted for admission to the Residence, the delay for admission may vary between a few days to a few weeks, depending on the urgency, care requirements, prognosis, presence of symptoms, and current bed availability.

The day of arrival

Admissions occur on weekdays, Monday to Friday, except during statutory holidays. Patients are welcomed by the Residence’s healthcare team (physician, nurse, and social worker). Since the Residence aims to personalize the care as much as possible for each patient, the team and family get to know each other better by discussing aspects such as care goals while at the Residence, nutritional, spiritual, or intellectual preferences, etc. A General Consent to Care and pharmacy form are also completed. The patient and family can then settle into the patient room.

Touring the Residence

For confidentiality purposes, visits to the Residence are not permitted before the patient is admitted. Upon arrival, and when possible, the patient and family are shown the patient room and the Residence’s common spaces (see COVID-19 page for special guidelines that may apply). Don’t hesitate to take a virtual tour of the Residence below for a glimpse of the beautiful spaces and grounds.

See About the Residence for additional information and frequently asked questions.

Personal belongings

Each room is fully furnished. Patients may bring their toiletries (e.g., toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, body lotion), comfortable clothing, personal electronic devices, picture frames, and other small meaningful objects.

Out-of-pocket expenses

All care and services are free to the patients. Before admission, patients are informed of the following items for which payment is required during their time with us:


  • medications prescribed by our palliative care physicians (the portion not covered by their drug insurance, including RAMQ);

  • any specialized medical supplies (e.g., specialized dressings, ostomy supplies, etc.);

  • toiletries (including incontinent products);

  • transportation costs if incurred (extraordinary circumstances).

For any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team at (514) 693-1718, ext. 260 or at

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